The Gospels: Verse-By-Verse | Chapter Five – Raising the Bar

This week will begin reading Matthew Chapter 5 as we cover the first of several discourses Matthew shares from Jesus’ three years of ministry on earth. Join us as we read through the Scriptures observing how Jesus raises the bar for those who choose to follow Him.

Here are the Notes: The Gospels: Week 5

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Embrace | Comfort through Intimacy

In this interactive Facebook Video, Michelle shares how she has developed a deep, life-giving relationship with God through intimate encounters with the living God in her secret place.


Be sure to leave your comments about what God is stirring in your heart as you listen along. Thank you for joining in!

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Michelle is a wife and mother who fell in love with Jesus through in-depth Bible study. Saved in 1982, Michelle wandered the desert path of a prodigal daughter until she landed in a small country church in North Texas. There she found roots for her faith and wings to fly and become all God created and redeemed her to be.

She has served in both lay and vocation ministry roles in her home church throughout the last 14 years. As she has grown in both her faith and relationship with other people, she found a passion to connect people to God’s heart through creative expression as an inspired artist and communicator. 

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